EEL 5807 Summer B 2015 - Advanced Ethical Hacking (ECE)



Francisco Ortega, Ph.D.
University Park, ECS 263.

Office hours:See main web site

Web Site:

Web Site: FranciscoRaulOrtega.Com

Lecture time: M-W 17:00-19:15

Final Exam Date: Last day of class: July 29th

Location: EC 2830


Text Book:

The main textbook: Computer Security and Penetration Testing by Basta, Basta, and Brown. (Second Edition) Publisher: CENGAGE
Additional text books include (in order of use)

  • Introduction to Modern Cryptography by Katz and Lindell (Second Edition). Publisher: CRC Press
  • Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practices by Stallings (Sixth Edition). Publisher: Pearson.
  • An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptograpy by Kraft and Washington. Publisher: CRC Press


  • Final Exam 20%. No make-up final.
  • Group Project 35%
  • Group* Paper Presentation 15%
  • Assignments 20%
  • Participation (can be replaced by extra assignment) 10%


    The class objective is to teach hacking techniques for the purpose of understanding what is possible and how to be aware of possible attacks. This class will also cover some aspects of cryptography but it is not full cryptography course. The class will try to cover various topics depending on time availability and instructor's discretion.

    The student is expected to have an understanding of computing and basic programming concepts. I recommend that you have a computer that is running Windows and Linux. You can also use a MacOSX.

    It is important that you read ahead. This is even more important when you are taking a summer class that last 8 weeks. You are expected to be mature student at this point. The instructor is here to help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    NOTE: The topics learned in this class are designed to teach you how people may break into a system or how to work with cryptography. However, you must work in a safe environment to avoid any legal complications. Furthermore, the use of some of this techniques may be illegal under US Federal Law or other countries' legal system. Be responsible. Unless you have the legal approval of the goverment, you should not performed any of these techniques, as it not only may land you in Jail but they maybe socially unaceptable.
    Finally, it is always easier to create chaos or destroy (hack into a system) than to build. The beutiful art of building something new will always take more time, more brain power, and will yield higher satisfaction.

  • Code of Academic Integrity:
  • University Policies: academic misconduct, sexual harassment, religious holydays, and information on services for students with disabilities
  • If you have any disability make sure you let me know with time to make any accommodation. Also, please make sure you check the FIU Disability Center web site at : I will be more than happy to accommodate any part of this class, based on the recommendation of DRC.

    Incomplete Grade Policy

    Incomplete grades are not a way to get more time to finish the course because of course load or to “repeat” the course. I will be very strict when it comes to giving incomplete. In most cases, I will not issue an incomplete. I will only approved the Incomplete if the conditions explained below are met:

    The conditions that must be met, in addition with FIU Incomplete Grade Policy are: the student must have a passing grade at the moment that it request the “I” grade; The incomplete will be only issue if is due to a documented event that prevents the student from continuing the semester. The student must finished within 2 semester. I will use my discretion to give incompletes.

    How to do well in this class (applies to all classes)

    The following items are what I found during my studies to help me. Maybe some will help you

  • News will be posted in the site All slides and material will be posted there as well.