Taclete Web Application

During the senior year of my undergraduate I was given the opportunity to assist in developing an application for the CSU ROTC in partnership with the Health and Exercise Department at CSU. This project served as my Capstone Project for the RDC Design Thinking Certificate. The goal of the application was to build a platform for the ROTC to train cadets on upcoming changes to Army fitness requirements.


Cadets would be grouped together with a senior member acting as the “coach.” The coach would issue workout routines to the cadets. Once cadets completed the workouts a report would be sent to the coach who would then use that information to adjust new routines accordingly to best suit cadet progress and needs.

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Additionally branding materials were also created for promotional and advertising purposes. Along with materials such as TShirt mockups branding guidelines were developed in line with the overall mission of the Taclete platform.
To download a copy of the branding guidelines click here.

Unfortunately, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, both the research study and the application development were put on hold indefinitely.