The Path We're On Virtual Reality Experience

The first version of The Path We’re On was created in conjunction with the Climate Changers team at the 2018 Colorado State University XR CreateAThon event and was awarded second place. After the event development continued with a smaller team in conjunction with the Political Science Department at Colorado State University, where I served as the lead artist and experience designer, as well as assisted with much of the development.

The Path We’re On is a visualization of what our world will experience within the next 100 years given current climate change trends. The utilization of VR for this experience allows for a much stronger response from viewers than other media can provide, as the end user is not just viewing the changes, but actively experiencing the environmental changes around them.

Interaction is limited not only due to target platform limitations, as the program was designed for mobile VR, but also to create a sense of powerlessness, in order to invigorate the viewer to act now in the present to avoid such a future. This is accompanied by a low poly visual style to create a sense of abstraction that allows any viewer to identify with the environment presented to them.

Special thanks to everyone involved in this project:

To download the demo build for viewing click here.
To download a PDF of the process documentation click here.