Mechanized Production of Corpses

“farming is now a motorized food industry, in essence the same as the fabrication of corpses in gas chambers and extermination camps.” - Martin Heidegger

The industrial revolution brought with it a mechanization of the entire world. Heidegger, as an Nazi philosopher, understood this concept. In his eyes the heinous acts committed during the Holocaust were part of this mechanization. To the groups who shared his views the act of torturing and murdering another human being no longer carried weight.

This mechanization has continued with modern military advances. Weapons are continuously developed in order to make the taking of a life more efficient. A human being can be equated to the value of gear required to cease their heart.

A 22 second animation loop depicting the loading, priming, firing, and reloading of an M4A1 assault rifle is paired with Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, a composition favored by the Nazi regime during the second world war. The civilian counterpart of the M4A1, the AR15, has been used for countless mass shootings within the borders of the United States. These weapons developed by our government are used to create a cycle of violence; churning out one corpse after another.